What an experience we just had showing this film on Will & Annie's wedding reception last saturday night. It was such a joy to see lots of tears in people's eyes while watching the film together especially the ones coming out from Will and Annie's.

Will and Annie came to us with a wonderful true story. We had so much fun shooting this film with them as well as getting to know them as a couple. Once in a while we get to meet people who truly appreciate and respect what we do and trust that we will do our best for them. This one is definitely one of those.

We did many new things in this film including sitting in the back of our moving car filming them riding bikes, creating fake rains during the night scene with the cars, shot hundreds of takes for the love heart car scene and also using piano instrumental for the score. The second instrumental piece coming from the iPhone is the same music that was played on Will's iphone the night he proposed to Annie 2 years ago so obviously the song really means a lot to them.

Thanks so much Will and Annie for trusting us and being our true supporter :) and thank you for the lovely thank you SMS I received just now!

The Paper Cranes team
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