Enrico Orlando Martina is a great Venetian artist who has captivated the cities essence through his artistic technics. With more than one thousand works of art created over his 37 year career, Enrico tells his story in a very authentic and unique way in this short documentary.

I'd like to tell you a little bit of how I met Enrico, In January 2011 I was walking the streets of Venice with my good friends during our vacations. We hit Calle Larga where we stopped and stared at a little tiny corridor that led into a small home, inside with his back to us was Enrico painting and outside the door was a painting all this  caught our attention. We decided to walk in and there we found a world of art and passion, Enrico showed us his work and he was painting with carbon at a very fast fast but accurate pace. I speak Italian so we communicated well and I asked him more about him, the more I learned and heard about him I then asked my self "Should I shoot a short documentary about him?". So i set the time to shoot the next day and this is the result. 

I was on a mission, I lost all of Enrico's contact details and I had tried for more an 5 months to track him down. I called all the art schools, universities, art galleries, shops near his home in Venice and nothing, looked online for any other media or information about him with no luck. So this winter I took a trip down to Italy to visit my family with my girlfriend and decided that I would show up at his front door in Venice. It had been a long time since we had heard from each other so I did not know what to expect, my girlfriend and I walked the streets of Venice trying to recognize his corridor and after a few blocks there it was!. I remember my first thought as we walked in was "will he remember me?" and I was also a bit curious to know what he would think about it. It took a good 7 minute wait time outside his front door for him to open, but as soon as he saw me he was very happy to see us!, it was a great feeling to see him again after all those failed attemps to track him down. Enrico invited us up to his apartment, we met his children which made the showcase a lot more touching for him, I shared the whole story and he could not believe me!. A few glasses of grappa and amarreto went around as he saw the documentary, tears of joy, laughs and then it was clear to me that he was amazed. I really had a great time and after telling my story to so many people it was great to see him again!.

Director & Photography: Eduardo "Ronco" Santella
Editing & Post: Eduardo "Ronco" Santella
Music: Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 21, Andante

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