Young Citizens remain active as host:
We embark on a mission; one we’ll soon pass along to our guest challenging them to partake and experience. We already have an established relationship with our guest. Therefore, ideas flow easily on what we might want to share, or what they will likely appreciate discovering. We identify a starting point. Paying close attention to how our guest will possibly interact with each space, we seek out clever yet clear ways to guide our guest through a pre-determined adventure route that we only first designed and pieced together while outside in our surroundings.

We choose to hit the red button first and ask questions later. As our story develops, we manage the many forms of media easily accessible to us, and we create memorable content to share with our guest. We are free to shoot a video, draw over photographs or, guide our Guest to close their eyes as they hear our recorded voice. “Why” we want to share something with them needs to be answered first then “what” we share with them can be determined. Throughout the game, we share the same point of view as our guest. We welcome and respond to the feedback we receive about our mission.

A shared point of view allows guest to become hosts and hosts to become guest.

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