Available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/velvet-single/id402419493
Official music video. Scroll down for the lyrics of the song.

Uploaded 15th March, live since 26th April 2011
"Velvet" is the English version of Bagga Bownz' first single of their second album (2011).

The down tempo mellow start of the song is nothing like it seems, as at the end of the clip it turns much rougher into the typical rock/rap style Bagga Bownz normally personates. The lyrics (see below) describe a heart breaking tragedy, although you'll find it's not the typical love song, when you dig deeper into the meaning of the lyrics.

Bagga Bownz is: Mellow-C (vocals), L-Rock (raps), Eller van Buuren (guitars), Michiel Eilbracht (bass), Koen Herfst (drums)
Bagga Bownz' first album is called "Done with the Pain" and available on iTunes

Bagga Bownz is available for bookings at Most Wanted Global (mostwantedglobal.com)



Music and lyrics by Bagga Bownz
Recorded at Nutsville Noise Lab and Holland Spoor Studios, The Netherlands
Strings recorded at Marmalade Music, Delft; 1st violin: Vera van der Bie; 2nd violin: Peter Grond; alt violin: Adriaan Breunis; cello: Jur de Vries
Mixed and mastered at Nutsville Noise Lab
Bahasa Indonesia translation by Arya Jalu

Director of Photography: Freek Zonderland and Stijn Jonkhart
Focus Puller: Melissa Martens
Gaffers: Nico de Rooij & Stijn Jonkhart
Make-Up Artist and styling: Gabriela Riedi (sleepingbeautycoaching.com)
Actors: Nadia Palesa and Robert-Wietse de Jonge
General assistance: Jip Eilbracht, Mick van Jaarsvelt
String Section: Judith van der Klip, Jaimie Pattiselanno, Evelien Fokker
Set Sound: Jeroen Leering
Set Photographer: Kenny Nagelkerke
Cameras supplied by Budget Cam
Lighting supplied by Improve BV
Transportation supplied by EuropCar
Filmed at Lijm en Cultuur, Delft, Mona en Robert's house, Den Haag and Nutsville Noise Lab
Production, director, concept, idea, editing: Bagga Bownz

Special thanks to:
Antoinette Wijffels at Lijm en Cultuur (lijmencultuur.nl), Eltjo Cleton, Mario van der Beek (AtiNet)

Extra special thanks to:
Mona Titaley en Robert van Osch




I thought it would be easy
But it turned out wrong

I thought it would be gentle
But it turned out harsh

Then suddenly it's gone
from deep inside me
But the moment lingers on

I thought it would be velvet
But it turned out blue

I thought I would be living
But I burned out

The mirror looks at me
But what I'm seeing
Was not supposed to be
Can you wake me?

The dream I had
Became more and more like a nightmare
But what is right or wrong?

So I say
I won't let you down
Don't wanna loose you
I'll never let you go
I say Heyoo
I won't let you down
Hold on, I believe in you

They said I would be screaming
But I turned out hush

They said I would be fighting
But I turned out eased

Holding on to me
Don't wanna loose it
It was not supposed to be

I'm not gonna close the door
Don't wanna loose you now
I'm not gonna close my eyes
To all the little things I never saw before
All the little things I never said before
All the little things, little things


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