Dr. Kenneth Anger on “DEATH”

As a firm believer in resurrection, I approach the subject of “DEATH” not as the closing of a final door, but as a beginning. In my short cinepoem “DEATH” I begin with a golden skull, and conclude with the silver death mask of the notorious gangster, John Dillinger. In between
we see the bunks and bodies of two of the Heaven’s Gaters, deluded into believing by an evil cult that death by suicide would deliver them to a waiting flying saucer. Then a succession of silver embossed tantric skulls of enlightened ones lead us to the necessary conclusion. By these small token gestures I chose to broach the vast subject that remains unknowable. Death is indeed the spice of life -for without it life would have no meaning. It is necessary to give form, pacing and contrast to the good time of living.



Directed by Kenneth Anger Producer: Brian Butler Co-Producer: Griffin Marcus Music: Doug Henry
Director of Photography: Morgan Susser


ONEDREAMRUSH is a spark of inspiration that sought to ignite imaginations across the world. The film showcase brought together internationally known filmmakers, artists, futurists and all-around visionaries to produce 42 films on their personal interpretation of what it means to dream. Each film is 42 seconds long, hence the name: 42x42.

ONEDREAMRUSH’s aim was to unite the world’s premier directors in China, under the umbrella of complete artistic autonomy to create and showcase their work in the country for the first time. Ultimately, the projects aim is to foster the spirit of ingenuity in the world’s youthful filmmakers by bringing the best of the world’s leaders in film together to explore their creative capacity around a concept universally shared by every living human: Dreams.

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