Investigating our national pavilion at recent World Fairs, we discovered a serious problem: the “FACE” we were showing to the world reflected a loss of our American dream. But American ingenuity is about taking risks; despite the falls, we always got back up. "FACE of a Nation" is about the importance of showcasing the best of America because architecture sends a powerful message to the world.

As a founding member of the United Nations, we used to understand that cultural diplomacy at World Fairs had an impact that is “the opposite of war.” As imperfect as we are, the film is about how much we love our country; and that we need to change in order to survive.

Director: Mina M. Chow
Producers: Mina M. Chow, Alessandra Pasquino
Associate Producers: David Herrera, Mandore Oviedo
Editor: Darshan Kembhavi
Supervising Editor: Norman Hollyn
Assoc. Editors: Matthew Mercer, Christopher Rowland
Animation: Jeff Holmes
Asst. Animator: Cecilia de Jesus
Interviews: Mina Chow, Edward Lifson

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