Located in one of the most scenic sailing cities in the world, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is incredibly stunning to windsurf under on any windy day. In an attempt to capture some unique angles to share with my kids, I took along a GoPro camera attached to a wrist strap. This compact activity camera is lightweight, waterproof and shoots in a wide variety of modes, making it easy to switch between recording video and photos on the fly. While this video gets you "close enough" it's hard to capture the exact intensity of the choppy water and overall "awe" factor and experience on an afternoon like this – great lighting conditions, strong wind, steady streams of boat traffic buzzing the Bay and a school of baby dolphins riding the ebb tide outside South Tower. All I can say is… it was awesome.

Date: April 28, 2011
Wind: 25 to 30 mph, choppy water
Gear: North Sails 4.7 Ice, Mistral Syncro - 92 liters
Cameras: Canon T2i and GoPro HD HERO
Music: “66 Meters” (Lower The Tone Edit) by Indian Ropeman // myspace.com/drnarayan/music/songs/

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