Philadelphia, PA: In an intimate concert focused on the intersection of electronic and acoustic sound, Crane Arts and Bowerbird present Tristan Perich with Lesley Flanigan on April 26, 2011.

Lesley Flanigan introduces Pare, an intimate new work dissecting the scale of sound between a single handmade speaker feedback instrument and double bass. Performed by Flanigan with Eleonoire Oppenheim (of Victoire), Pare carefully unfolds choreographed sound between the electric and acoustic, and the large and small.

Tristan Perich’s ensemble will perform his Elevation Maps, a glacially slow composition combining long, pure tones from five accordions with cascading electronic frequencies. By juxtaposing 1-bit sound—the most primitive digital waveform—with traditional classical instruments, Perich’s compositions explore the foundations of electronic and acoustic sound. Originally premiered at the Noguchi Museum, Elevation Maps is Perich’s longest composition, a contemplative tapestry of slowly moving layers of sound, which will resonate within Crane Art’s cavernous Ice Box performance hall.

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