Dutch fishery, Dutch herring, Dutch tradition, Dutch glory.

Setting a nostalgic mood, and putting forward a growing problem in the world we live in. This film confronts us with the unavoidable question: "When do we open our eyes and reconsider our values?"

Nominated - 2011 Brandfigters

* Daniel Kuipers (concept, script, directing, editing)
* Stijn te Hennepe (concept, script, filming)
* Reinout Hellenthal (producing and making hundreds of phonecalls)
* Tristan Woolf (original music)

* Peter in 't Hout (grandfather)
* Merlijn Remmig (grandson, double role)
* Geert Bal (youngman)
* Ilona Timmer (girlfriend)
* Arthur Remmig (stand-in father)

Special thanks to:
* Bianca Remmig
* Lenie Posthumus
* Annie in de Betouw
* Wim Keizer
* Niels Bourgonje
* Gemeente Waterland
* Volendams Museum

Produced by:
* PangeaMedia (pangeamedia.nl)
* Yfecrest Productions (yfecrest.com)
* Hellenthal Studios (hellenthalstudios.nl)

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