UPDATE 19th of September 2013 !!!!!:
A new version of the video is ready. If you own a Leisure / Fitness center then contact me if you want a version with your company logo on the Hot Air balloon and on the boardings around the track.

Here is the complete demo of the Spinning and Cycling simulator.

Instead of putting a camera on a car or on a bicycle, we want our viewers to see a fluent training exercise without distraction from traffic. Plus with other training exercises that use onboard camera's the car drives much faster then a normal human can cycle.
The track is fitted around the music and the spinning or cycling program. The exercise is therefore combined with music and environment.

The video can be used for both spinning teachers (on TV or beamer), or for solo use on your pc screen, tv or beamer.
See for example: youtube.com/watch?v=JCIWHOfg_ro

This is the beta version of the video there is no on-screen instruction. We want to give the instructor their own vision on the exercise video.

Background Information:
Our idea was to promote spinning to a new level added with visual stimulation with 40-50 minutes sessions. The focus would be on the road. Adding not too much detail to speed up the progress. It was hard work to develop an idea into the actual video, but the demo shows that its possible. The demo is in beta stage, so I will try to fix some of the hiccups and timing issues in the next version.

I removed any reference to the company which was setup for this idea. The demo was created on the Cryengine2 for testing purpose, hence the Crytek adds. If we would develop it commercially we would have switched to another engine, so it would be possible to add our own advertisements.

Since the spinning instructor left the project due to real life issues I was left alone in this project as designer. Still I'm very proud of what we have accomplished and therefore I'm putting the demo for you on the internet for your enjoyment.

It is my hope that people will enjoy using this video as an exercise.

Song 1 is warming up.
Song 2 is start of the program, with a small hill climb near the end
Song 3 is sprint song
Song 4 is start of the 10 minute climb with a 45 seconds cooling down at the end of song 4
Song 5 continuation of the climbing session
Song 6 cooling down
Song 7 start of interval section
Song 8 continuation of the interval section
Song 9 Small climb ending with disco tunnel.

More information and a guide will be following soon.

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