Until June 25, 2011, Galerie Thomas Schulte

Artnet: "Alice Aycock is one of the most influential and inventive art-ists of her time. Starting her career in the lively art scene of New York in the early seventies she must be seen at the helm of a number of women artists breaking the lines of male domination in visual arts. At the same time she belongs to a young generation of artists like Gordon Matta-Clark and Robert Smithson who question and paraphrase the technological and positivistic attitude that western civilisation had taken on. They try to open up an alternative view of the world beyond that, while at the same time dealing with the traditions of architecture, science, and the arts.
The Wavy Enneper is a three dimensional visualization of an abstract mathematical concept derived from equations by Alfred Enneper. As such it is a rational attempt to visualize a theory. The form itself appears to reveal an underlying organic structure analogous to that of a flower, an insect, or some undersea creature. It has a strong iconic presence and it is interesting precisely because it is a three dimensional realization of a form that exists as a mathematical theory. In the landscape it gives the impression of something that has arrived as an extra-terrestrial – a kind of galactic flower or spaceship that alights on the surface of the earth. It has a strong formal architectural presence but is generic and non-specific.
The new drawings for the Berlin show developed out of thinking about a diagram called “Sum Over Particle Histories” that describes the physicist Richard Feynman’s theory that subatomic particles can travel on an infinite number of paths through space-time. Moreover, these particles have the potential to go forward as well as backward in time. This inspired the artist’s fantasy that there might be an infinite number of paths in a lifetime from birth to death and that one might be able to go back in time and live a com-pletely different life."

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