This is a medley of New York klezmer tunes, starting with a doina - a shepherd's song adapted by klezmer musicians as an improvised introduction - followed by Papirossen (written by Herman Yablokoff, who was born in what's now Belarus but emigrated to New York), Amy's Bulgar and Uncle Max's Bulgar. The latter two are credited to Sam Musiker, the great New York clarinetist, but may be traditional.
It was recorded and filmed at Soundworks in Bristol. Audio recording is by James Mather and video by Ed Parsons. Thanks to Nick and Hannah at Soundworks.
The Guzek Trio are John Guzek (violin), Jura Holec (double bass) and Joe Evans (accordion). The band are based in Bristol (UK) and play music from Eastern Europe and Jewish music from around the world.
The band's website is and you can contact the band on

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