A project by Alex Toland & Ana Malalan
Residency period: 19-26 September 2010
Public space intervention: 24 September 2010
Presentation: 26 September 2010

Due to a special situation in Ljubljana – the flood, the project was built as a response to this enviromental situation. The author wanted to expose the natural riverbed of the river Ljubljanica. We installed a soil drawing on a bridge in the city center and also produce a hacked tourist map of the city. The idea was to make people think of the changes that people made of the natural way of the river and also the changes that the river made with the flooding. On the back of the maps there were some tips and points of how we could emprove and re-think the waterways in the future to reduce the damage coused by the floods. The presentation consisted of the explanation of the changes of the river bed and presentation of the idea of the project 'Flooded harvest'.

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