“Two Trees By The Sea” is a short dance film by Wilkie Branson, produced by Champloo Dance Company in 2008.

At the heart of so many of our lives sits the burning desire to find our perfect partner and be completed. Branson skims the surface of this deep-seated common to explore the longing, loving and loss of something so valuable. On the 60th anniversary of his Grandparents marriage this work is both a celebration of something beautiful as well as a realisation of the sorrow to be left in the wake of its inevitable loss.

For Phil and Anita Branson
As well as love looking, found and lost.

Written Directed, Edited and Performed by Wilkie Branson
Sound and Additional Camera Rob Saunders
Camera Joel Daniel

2008 Champloo

Poem Transcript:

Two Trees By The Sea

Bound bark born to bear, their hearts held fast toward the salt bearing air
Limbs lay towards easy looks as soft tempered years nestled to caring crooks
Two turned unto one the pair stood strong
Where roots deep to years stretch on, as arms branch to years as long.

When rain raked limbs to wrick, through days that bear their tears as thick
To days of light where limbs lie still, and sun poured gold on aged cracks to fill.
In day and night for dark and light the two held one
Together two twisted to hold on tight, for the sun settled moment to the long drawn night.

Laced to lash their arms carry years, from the smiles on their skin to their leaf shed tears.
But with each new-year a new blossom grew, with one pure white while another true blue
Two stood two and one, before an ambered aura set the sun
As a seed was sown while they looked on and toward tomorrow a new day begun

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