This is the final version with sound of my Haunted Ride.

My final project of the year was in Virtual Environment’s; the brief was to design and build a haunted ride with at least 3 scare scenes and suitable to fit within the Waverly Theatre. Initially, this project seemed daunting to me as I did not feel that I had enough understanding of the software (3DS Max) to be able to create a ride that would be effective as well as scary. However, after acquiring inspiration from the moodboard I produced and also sketching possible designs ideas, I began to gain confidence in my ability to utilise the software successfully and build an interesting haunted ride.

I intended to maintain the suggested them of a haunted mansion and graveyard. I began by drawing up designs of coffins, gravestones, a mansion, falling skeletons, swinging blades and a variety of cart ideas. I soon realised that my designs were far too complex and intricate for the limited skills that I have; however, I did not let this prevent me from attempting to create these designs. I started searching online for tutorials that would allow me to fulfil my visual ideas and I slowly began to piece together my ride. I found ‘trial and error’ played a large part in the project; many features I would liked to have included, such as rain, I simply did not have the knowledge to execute. Features that I did manage to include were fog, flames for the candles and flashing lights for lightening. I feel that I have progressed significantly since the beginning of the year and the ‘TV Ident’ project.

Overall, I am pleased with what I have achieved as I feel that I created 3 ‘scare scenes’ that are good quality, and also incorporate numerous textures to give my haunted ride a realistic atmosphere. The fog gives is intended as pathetic fallacy and to help enhance a cold and spooky experience; moreover, it aids to blur the audiences vision so you they do not know where the next scare is going to come from. I am also satisfied with my cart design, as I believe the idea of using a coffin was unique and adds a sense of terror. I included my logo from Interactive Media as I felt that the name worked lucratively with the ride; the colours were adapted to fit with the theme.

I had number of issues with rendering and the length of time this process took, however, I persisted and I believe I finally had a render that I could be proud of. I found adding sound using Adobe Premiere Pro relatively undemanding and I feel that the sounds enrich the ride by appealing to the audiences senses.

I have learnt a vast amount whilst completing this project. This has led me to confirm my decision to continue Virtual Environments next year and therefore to create a ‘Visual Essay’ based upon this pathway. I am now very excited and look forward to the next two years studying Virtual Environments.

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