In August of 2010 I heard a song named "Sing" by a band named Bellarive. ( The song has no lyrics yet still brings out emotions that I knew would fit well with Tabetha's story. I felt God gave me a vision to apply Tabetha's story to this song, knowing that it would fit well.

Tabetha and I tour with a ministry called Silver Ring Thing ( and have the opportunity to impact thousands of teens presenting the idea of abstinence until marriage centered in a relationship with Christ. Tabetha is honest and transparent with her story, letting God use her to impact the thousands of teens she gets to tell her story to. Knowing the fact that God uses her testimony to change lives, I knew even an abbreviated version would fit perfectly to change even more people by presenting it through a video.

We attempted to record in January of 2011 but it didn't work out because of various implications. So, time went by and it just so happen that Silver Ring Thing was in San Jose, CA. It was around midnight on a tuesday when I asked to record Tabetha telling her story. We took off into the San Jose mountains not having a plan but knowing that God would point us in the right direction. He brought us to a beautiful park that overlooked San Jose, CA... the perfect location, setting, weather, and "tone" for the video.

So here it is. May God use it for His glory.

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