Designed and Conceptualized by :
Deepak Singh , Dhaumya Mehta , Jyotirmaya Mahapatra and Rahul Motiyar.
at Industrial Design Centre , IIT Bombay , India

Special Thanks to Chintan Mathur and Rajdeep Basumatry

The door is a unique object that acts as a partition between personal and public spaces. Five years from now, the significance and existence of the door is not expected to falter much. However, technology and new computing techniques will surely occur in a more ubiquitous existence. Dwarta is an attempt to visualize the future door integrated with current trends of cloud computing , computer vision and sensory techniques.

Dwarta system consists of a multi touch console in which user can access all the ingress and egress information. The system is connected over the internet to all the computing devices over the cloud and can trigger flash notification to the user over paired devices. The Biometric console keeps a record of all the access to the doors. Dwarta also acts as an intermediate communication device between the primary user (owner) and the secondary users (visitors). Depth imaging helps the system to capture seamless video and sends the visitor feeds to the user on the other devices like TV, phone, etc. Depth imaging is
also enabled with gestural 3D panning and retinal scanning, thus giving the user a more immersive idea of the situation on the other side of the door the user a bigger picture of what is going on outside the door.

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