Houston native, Chuckstar, is "Tha Youngest N Charge". Chuckstar has some reputable experiences under his belt and a few things up his sleeve in the near future. Be on super alert for this cat!

Chuckstar found me in the huge city of Houston, and requested my video services. I liked this dude off the bat. He didn't come off as some super cocky "I'm a Rapper so it has to be this way" type attitude. I hope he makes it. Plus he's a sneakerhead and I'm retired from the game. Presently, we're in the middle of a pow wow for a new video with more of a storyline because this "INTRO" video was supposed to be just a straight up in your face 1 location type of shoot. I mean we shot everything within a couple of hours. Stay tuned for the new new coming real soon soon!


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