The Heart of Nagnath Baba (documentary film, India, 2011)
Nagnath Baba is a holy man on a holy mission of the most extraordinary kind. The charismatic 52-year-old sadhu lives in a temple on the banks of the sacred River Ganga in India's ancient city of Varanasi. Since July 2008, he has been on a fast, refusing all food in a bid to save the river from environmental extinction due to development, pollution and climate change.
In Hindu mythology, the Ganga is both river and goddess. Her purpose here on earth is to help humans attain religious salvation through purification in her waters. However, while the Ganga, as celestial being, enjoys immortality, the river is one of the most endangered in the world.
Nagnath Baba injects medicines and painkillers at least five times a day to help him cope. He has been described as having "supernatural powers" by his awe-struck doctor and has vowed to "fast-unto-death". This deeply evocative debut documentary is about one man's integrity and fearlessness. It is about sacrifice for the love of God. Above all, it is about the possibility of miracles.

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