The Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) at the University of Illinois celebrated its ten year anniversary on April 23, 2010. This video shows what the TEC has done over the past ten years and what its addition to the College of Engineering made over the course of the years.

Interviews are with distinguished Alumni/Faculty of the U of I that have entrepreneurial backgrounds. Also, the video was shown at a anniversary celebration for Alumni/Faculty/Friends of TEC.

All interviews were shot on location, both in Champaign, IL and the Silicon Valley area in California.

Producer: Laura Hollis & Ravi Bhatia
Shooter: Ravi Bhatia
Editor: Ravi Bhatia
Narrator: Jess Hollis

Camera: Panasonic HMC-150
Edited: Final Cut Pro
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects
Mic: Sennhesier Wireless G2 kit

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