Moby "Be The One"

director / dp:
derek dale

silje gullowna bowden
maral kalinian dale
brad waskewich

The future is a difficult fixation to speculate.

We are constantly burdened and troubled with the past and the present. That is hard enough. Not knowing what the future will bring and being concerned it may bring more hardship from the past is problematic. The anticipation of the unknown often causes us anxiety and overwhelming sadness.

Ideally we find the strength and optimism to overcome our fears and resentments and trepidations.

The future is a tough pill to swallow.

But we are strong and daring. We have ideas. We have passion. We will wake up the next day, go into the world, walk about, ride the train, arrive at our next destination and conquer whatever may come next.

Some days will be harsher than others. But like many before us, we will arrive in the future and show our true colors proudly.

Hello, future. Here we come….

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