Mindscape tells the story of Richard, a gifted writer who’s reeling from the critical failure or his last novels. He has given up on writing and has moved to a new home after his wife left him for another man. He finds an old typewriter in the house, which brings back all the past memories. He gets frustrated and decides to write again only so he can prove that his characters are not fakes and his novel does come to life.
He gets inspired by his neighbor Myra and decides to write about her believing that whatever he will write will become a reality for her. He begins to write about her life and eventually, as he gets passionately involved with his novel, he starts to write her future.

Richard - Peter Brown
Myra - Samantha Schofield
Tom - Tom Follows
Adam - Adam Green
Deliverymen - Tony Grant & David Evans

Female Critics - Becky Sleight & Stacey Fietcher
Male Critics - Tony Grant & David Evans
News presenter - Rachel L'estrange

Directed By - Tony Grant
Assistant Directors - Satyam Vadgama & Adam Green
Story & Screenplay By - Satyam Vadgama
Produced By - Jasmine Miller
Director of Photography - Adam Green
Sound By - David Evans
Background Score By - Mike Kennedy
Lighting By - Adam Green
Edited By - Satyam Vadgama
Casting Directors - Satyam Vadgama & Tony Grant
Art Directors - Jasmine Miller & Adam Green
Location Scout - Tony Grant & Adam Green

Produced at:

Shot on Canon 7D
Lenses : 18-135mm 3.5-5.6 IS (Kit lens) and 50mm 1.8/II

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