Knock Knock...

When Fabric films and director Charlie Fergusson asked Cutting Edge if we could create a seamless journey through a sequence of wormho... er, port... um, regular doors, each opening into a different location, I told them "one does not simply walk into more doors..."

Ok, I'll try that opening paragraph again.
A man walks into a bar...

Fine, no more puns.
Pfizer's 2010 campaign for quitting smoking sees their characters walk through a series of literal and metaphorical doors to quit smoking. And so too did I walk through many, um, digital doors to combine and composite the multiple steadicam takes, with different speeds and durations, into one seamless journey and camera move. Working closely with editor Joe Morris, we selected and painstakingly keyframed both time and space to force the individual takes into the same horizontal velocity and vertical framing throughout.

Wall inserts were created from details photographed on set, and animated with the camera move to blend the practically shot doorframes together. The final frame of the white door was a matte painting and set extenstion of a practical door on set.


Director: Charlie Fergusson
Editor: Joe Morris
Producer: Carla Robertson
Flame: Scott Geersen
Colourist: Scott Maclean
VFX Sup: Steve Anderson & Colin Renshaw
Production Co: Fabric Films
Post House: Cutting Edge
Agency: Hammond & Thackeray, Sydney

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