Elapse is the stretching of time – lost in a daydream, a porthole to a mirrored perception. Sensations move through your body like a breeze, or a cold wind that touches your mind.



Directed by Floria Sigismondi Producer: PJ Sodaski Editor: Jarrett Fijal Director of Photography: Max Goldman Production Designer: Sue Tebbutt
Set Designer: Mary Rasmussen Colorist: Beau Leon Production Supervisor: Matt Oehlberg Production Assistants: George Wymenga, Britt Bri- zoza, Philip Quansah
1st Assistant Camera: Hiro Fukuda Hiroyuki Gaffer: Jamie Davis Key Grip: Marc Polanski Titles: Firestarter Entertainment
Online Conform: Kathryn Peaslee Special Thanks: New Hat A Revolver Film Company/Black Rumble Production


ONEDREAMRUSH is a spark of inspiration that sought to ignite imaginations across the world. The film showcase brought together internationally known filmmakers, artists, futurists and all-around visionaries to produce 42 films on their personal interpretation of what it means to dream. Each film is 42 seconds long, hence the name: 42x42.

ONEDREAMRUSH’s aim was to unite the world’s premier directors in China, under the umbrella of complete artistic autonomy to create and showcase their work in the country for the first time. Ultimately, the projects aim is to foster the spirit of ingenuity in the world’s youthful filmmakers by bringing the best of the world’s leaders in film together to explore their creative capacity around a concept universally shared by every living human: Dreams.

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