Opeing Sequence of Tribe Project

Music: The Kills "U.R.A. Fever "

Brief: Using the original research done for your ‘Tribe’ brief during the summer, make a new piece of work that represents your chosen tribe through moving typographic forms.

Work Description: This is a video of moving images and Typography expressing the Rah tribe. Viscous violet liquid is poured in a tea cup, over flows and spreads all over the table. The
title appears like its dripping liquid.
Video constists of objects symbolize Rah associated with their behaviour so that the audience
can imagine how the Rah behaves instead of watching the actual act such as a gesture of
holding the tea cup and lifting it and dipping a sugar cube in to the tea. The greasy
liquid which smears the table smoothly symbolises the characteristics of Rah who
pursue the delicacy of upper class and like to show it off.

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