Katie and Marc got married in beautiful Playa Del Carmen Mexico. This was our second time to make it down south for a wedding.

We woke up early on the day of the wedding to go shoot some B-Roll and were horrified to find that our lenses would immediately fog up when we removed the lens caps due to the humidity. It was an important lesson for us. When shooting in a humid environment, it is important to give the lenses time to adapt to the humidity before using them.

This was also the first time we tried a tilt/shift lens. We brought the Canon TS 45mm with us. These lenses produce a very unique look, but definitely take some getting used to. There is an excellent online rental site, lensrentals.com if anyone is interested. They rent lenses for a really good price and their customer service is top notch.

As you can see, the wedding was just a blast! Marc, Katie, and the entire bridal party treated us like friends. We also celebrated Rob's birthday down in Mexico.
What a great way to spend the day!


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