Camp’s Faces : a short film , which is set for a whole day in the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk At the city of Damascus , the Syrian capital , along With a singing musical background . It starts at the morning with the empty streets . Children heading out to schools , Through varied forms of different lifestyles , social activities , markets , concerts , events , weddings .
Last but not least is the definition of this place , which people could be living in but do not belong to .
In the alleys of the camp dreams grows and dreams breaks . Hopes , happiness , sadness , dreams , a mixture of emotions which I hope all of you will join me in and I hope that I was able to approach it to you ..
Camp Faces , a real life Film , where everyone and everything is a star people , houses , stones , streets , all are stars in my opinion at least ..

Camera , Director : Hasan Tanji
Post Production : Salim Mhanna
Music : Rim Banna

Canon 7d
17-55mm L2.8 Canon lens
Mini Tripod
Zacuto z-finder

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