[the video shows about 5 minutes of zapping around on dutch television with The In-Sucking Power of the General Excuse-software]

The In-Sucking Power of the General Excuse is an installation / performance which takes in and processes a live television-signal and outputs new images and sounds. It plays with the narrative and shows the level of abstraction and randomness we have gotten used to.

The performer or user uses a normal remote control to switch channels to generate new images and sounds. Each time the channel changes a new algorithm is triggered. At first the channel will show normally and then gradually the algorithm changes the image and the sound. In some cases this is hardly noticeable, sometimes it is more direct, all depending on the expectations one has of the channel being watched.

Like with regular television, you have no real control on the output. If you don't like what you see and hear you can only change the channel.


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