I'm uploading some old stuff here, on Vimeo. This is a videoclip I did like in the 2004, when my After Effects knowledge was soo basic :-)
The band is called C.O.Ska, they're from Ferrara, Italy. The song is a cover of the first italian ska song, sung in the 1981 by the electro-wave-trash queen: miss Donatella Rettore!
So the idea was to mix the graphic design of ska music of the 80's with some other icons of the 80's.
I was a child in those years, so I opened my old boxes of toys and put them into the video too.
I mixed up some Two Tone (remember THAT records label?) blackies and whites, Madness' pins, Gibson flying-V guitars, George Melies, the Devo, Old Vynils, Moon Patrol (remember THAT videogame?) and some old paper.. and over 4.000 photos!! no blues screen at that time, just thousands of clicks and then photoshop one by one! crazy and lot of fun!
Cinzia Capitanio helped me a lot with the shootings and the post production, Serena Zambon helped with the post production (and she interpreted the silhouette of the aliens) and Mattia SickToy did all the shootings.

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