A tribute to those migrants that every day and every year die, attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe.

"The shoe is the sign of memory, sometimes is the only thing that remains from a shipwreck, the only thing the sea gives back. Finding many lost shoes on a beach, it is never a good sign".

Fishermen call the Mediterranean sea, the "solid sea", because of the amount of corpses laying on its seabed. This image of a solid sea, made me think about a sea that is easier to cross. Therefore I had the idea of making the Mediterranean sea made of lost shoes: representing all the deads, as well as the clue of a more crossable sea - but it cannot be more crossable just because of the "martyrs" : those deaths are not inevitable. The only solution is let the circulation be free.

All data: fortresseurope.blogspot.com.

London College of Communication, MAGMI 2011.

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