3D Layout Artist, Cinematic Artist/3D Story/Previsualization, experienced in both feature, television and games. Versatile in translating from storyboards or directly from script-to-screen, using custom or standard software.

Confident and experienced in the following: Cinematography, 3D Previsualization (Previs), 3D Story, 3D Layout Rough/Final, Character Blocking/Staging, Rough Animation, Camera Animation, Lense Choices, Shooting, Editing, Composition, Screen Direction, Continuity, Set Dressing, Temp Modeling, Temp Lighting.

Scene Development & Camera Work

1. Staging: Staged/blocked cameras, characters and assets in a scene. Rough cameras placed from boards or directly from script.

2. Timing: Established overall performance and timing.

3. Rough Animation: Completed rough animation and then locked it down to the scratch-track. Since we finalize our vehicle animation, we often use motion paths to get the quickest and smoothest results.

4. Camera Placement: Once the blocking has been approved and refined, cameras are placed throughout the scene as if for a live action shoot.

5. Extra Footage: We often shoot coverage of a conversation, or insert entrance and exit points should the director need them in editorial.

6. Camera Choices: As shot choices are made, camera movements, lens-choice and specialty shots are developed.

7. Shooting: Once these shots work sequentially, I shoot/record them and develop a rough edit to pitch to the director.

8. Polishing: Finalize the shots, cleaning up any blocking, animation, timing or strengthening poses to help clarify the story.

Of Note: Although some of footage here is final, all cameras, composition and staging are matched exactly to the 3D Layout reel created by the 3D Layout Artist with the exception to ALL FINAL HALO 4 footage which was finaled by 343 Industries.

Roar! (From "Cloverfield") by Michael Giacchino © Music By Michael Giacchino
© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliated and related entities. All rights reserved.
Halo 4 © Microsoft Corporation 343 Industries All assets are property of Microsoft/343 Industries.
Bungie Test © Bungie, All assets are property of Bungie.
Barnyard/Back at the Barnyard © Nickelodeon, All assets are property of Nickelodeon.

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