The video is done! Damn I never imagined how much work making a video would be and as happy as I am for it to be done I am sad at the same time. Looking back I remember how much fun it was doing this project and all the good times had. I also remember how stressful it could be at the same time especially finishing the video and having finals for school at the same time. Were not re-inventing BMX or inventing new tricks but we are always having fun. Whether or not you’re into the riding you will defiantly have a laugh or two. Guaranteed.

The DVD is a full-length video with full sections from Jay Perry, Trevor Roland, Brandon Eckles, and Alex Raban. The video also features a Sasquatch Canyon/Santa Cruz mix section and other mix sections including Conor Caron, Matt Gillot, Victor Galindo, Steve Lopez, Matt Lupello, Matt Stiles, Steven Ted Anzel, Chase Millar, Cameron DeHaas, Jackson Allen, Mike Hernandez, Ryan Nyquist, Jeff Murphy, Anthony Quiroz, Alec Hugo, Cody Bowers, Danny Griffith, Dustin Jones, Martin Etcheverry, Nick Harry, Nelson Pulido, Kyle Walker, Shawn Warren, Shea Weidler, Chet Weidner, Ryan Fowler, Andy Maguire, Jordan Murdock.

Music by: Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, George Thorogood, Four Tops, The GAME, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Shannon, DMX, Mannie Fresh and Kenny Rodgers

You can purchase the video by going to or emailing Thanks for checking this out and enjoy!

Jesus Saves
Seasons In The Abyss

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