2007 had been rough on morale. Quebec 2007 summer has been cold and wet. But this is not a reason not to get out and have fun! This year, Xrcam bikes video is based on Lucas Arts Outlaws video game.

Outlaws 2007 is made of 5 parts:

Part 1-LowRising: Introductory part showing live bike action. Do not stop here if you expect stunts
Part 2-Sanctuary: Feature video showing live surprise actions from no where…
Part 3-LoneStar: Experiments video showing images from my bike. Riding the Tewkesbury area
Part 4-Tornado: Feature video showing images from Tingwick bike show and surprise shots
Part 5-TheLastGunfight: Conclusion video showing mostly bike action from all 2007 recording places

Total playing time: 15 minutes. I recommend looking at them 1 thru 5 because climax is growing up, thanks to the original sound track made by Lucas Arts, Outlaws video game.


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