Ah the good old days.
I worked in a post production house back in '99. We had 6 machines all costing ridiculous money and all hooked up to the one server which was a 'massive' 180gb in size.
I was on aftereffects5 with Blue Ice effects attached along with poser 3d, photoshop etc. and the guy next to me was editing on a NLE program called Incite. On the other side was Mr 3dsmax. I was piggy in the middle messing with graphics and compositing. The stuff done was designed to be projected onto a screen and even a waterfall at one stage therefor the colours needed to be punchy, hence the primary colours everywhere - yuck on a regular screen but magic projected on running water in a conference centre foyer.
Anyway everything was 4:3 in those days and I didn't know much about certain things and too much about other things like keyframes. This is a rip from a DVD I have. I didn't deinterlace the footage as it looks too animated if i do. Its really the only thing I have left to remind me of those 3 years slaving away in front of 2 huge CRT Screens. Those were the days.

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