In this demo i'm showing my work in collaboration with other members of studios and post-houses I've been working with for the last 7 years as a 3d generalist.
Demo Breakdown: pass: 123

I'm a 3D Generalist/FX Artist, using 3ds max as my main platform in conjunction with other tools such as Zbrush Photoshop and/or Nuke/Fusion to create high-end quality visual effects, 3d/2d motion graphics and animation.

I’m a professional senior artist with several years of experience, through these years I've been working on TV Commercials, Broad Cast and Film VFX.

Tools and Plugins
3ds Max | Mental Ray | Vray | Krakatoa | Frost | FumeFx | Rayfire | Thinking Particles | PFTools Box2
Mudbox | ZBrush | Real Flow | Combustion | Fusion | Nuke | PFTrack | Photoshop | Lightroom | Premier

Animation | Modeling | Texturing | Tracking | Dynamics and Particles simulations | Max Scripting | Lighting | Shading | Rendering | Compositing
Other: Photography | cinematography

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