In Aleister Crowley’s system of magic a crucial point in advancement is described as the crossing of the Abyss. In this void that separates the human mind from the divine consciousness one must face the mad god Chronozon who attempts to trap the seeker into a meaningless world of insane delusion and contradiction. It is here that the magician is initiated through a transcendence of reason into an annihilation or death of ego. If he survives the ordeal he rests symbolically in the City of Pyramids under the Night of Pan as a pile of dust or the ashes of his former earthly identity.

In my filmic representation of the dream world that is the Night of Pan I have cast myself along with my friends Vincent Gallo, Kenneth Anger and Twiggy Ramirez in a fantasy world of magical ritual where the dream like possibilities of shifting identities and time distortion are the norm.



Directed by Brian Butler Producers: Griffin Marcus and Brian Butler Music: Brian Butler and Rich Ragsdale Editor: Brian Butler Consulting Editor: Deborah Gavlak Director Of Photography: Ernesto Lomeli Gaffer: Francisco Bulrarell Animation: Rich Ragsdale Production Design: Chris “Ssippi” Wessman Make Up: Natalia Klokova Costume Designer: Erica Frank


ONEDREAMRUSH is a spark of inspiration that sought to ignite imaginations across the world. The film showcase brought together internationally known filmmakers, artists, futurists and all-around visionaries to produce 42 films on their personal interpretation of what it means to dream. Each film is 42 seconds long, hence the name: 42x42.

ONEDREAMRUSH’s aim was to unite the world’s premier directors in China, under the umbrella of complete artistic autonomy to create and showcase their work in the country for the first time. Ultimately, the projects aim is to foster the spirit of ingenuity in the world’s youthful filmmakers by bringing the best of the world’s leaders in film together to explore their creative capacity around a concept universally shared by every living human: Dreams.

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