I've decided to go from trying and failing to do it seven days a week, to something a little more realistic, like five days a week. I think I can do that. Plus that will give me some time to keep the rest of my life in order.

Animation Hotline is a series of relatively often animations where I use messages left on my voicemail for content. When you get a chance please leave me a message, and honestly it’s best if you leave more than one because sometimes what you think is the perfect message might simply be impossible for me to animate in one day. This project is only as good as the messages that you leave me, so if you feel so inspired, call!


To leave a message call…
inside US: +1 212-683-2490
international (skype): animationhotline

Please vote for Prayers for Peace for the Next Great Filmmaker Award contest. I'm one of five films that have been selected for the contest and if I win I'll get $5000, which should be able to finance this project for a few months. It's so easy to vote, just follow the link, plus you could win an iPad2 just for voting. How awesome is that?!


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