For Jean-Pierre Melville is complete!! Expect a release late 2014 early 2015!! : )

Teaser Synopsis:
This is a 60's French teaser I cut for my short film 'For Jean-Pierre Melville' (nearly 3 years ago!). This is the first chapter of the Cinema De Forme Courte series. This film is an exercise in fashion and style. It's completely designed to look, sound and feel like it was shot in the early 1960's (with a little 1950's peppered in). Jean-Pierre Melville is one of the most influential French filmmakers in the past century and you can still feel his influence the world over (especially in America). I really love this period of filmmaking. So much style and character. Really an amazing time of the Cinema.

I also want to point out that Paul Evens created an original Jazz score for this teaser. Make sure to turn it up loud!


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