In college I took to saying that we needed more apple farmers and less filmmakers. It is as probably true today as it was back then. Of course, I am somewhat hypocritical as I did not totally trade in my camera for a plow or bushel. Still, what I felt and continue to feel is that an awful amount of money is wasted on films that are nothing more than disposable distractions with a shelf life far less than your average fruit. They are cheap entertainment that comes at an expensive cost. Lord only knows how much food could have been grown for the same cost as one special effect in the latest blockbuster.

In this instance, these thoughts only came back to me long after I had stumbled into the kitchen one night, around 3 AM, opened my refrigerator and took out a jar of applesauce. At the time I was merely quenching a hunger, but something about the way the light from the fridge shown through the jar and its contents got me thinking and I quickly ran off and grabbed my camera and a light.

I never stopped to ask myself why the heck I was filming applesauce. Instead, I was simply taken in by the hundreds of different ways light could refract through the applesauce. Later I uploaded the images onto my computer and began to compose them. Wanting to break from confines of a theater and to further distance myself from traditional forms of cinema entertainment, I decide to turn this piece into an installation, to be projected upward onto the ceiling. Viewed in this manner something as simple as applesauce becomes a whole new universe unto itself and a space for meditation.

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