Des copains, du skate, de la connerie, de l'alcool et du barbecue !

App : Imovie
Device : Ipad 2
iOS : 4.3.3
Rushes : MP4 from a FLIP camera
Audio track : m4a

The project is around 9 minutes. Sync ok in Imovie. After exporting, the sync is ok in the beginning but loosing it more and more as the movie goes.......i tried all the options on exporting, nothing changes. This is getting me mad......Any solutions ?

More infos : I put it in final cut, and guess what : the audio de-sync is not constant !!! So if i put a marker and resync at some point (28 frames late this fucking sound !), it works for let's say one minute but as it is evolving that does NOT solve the problem......any input more than welcome !!!



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