AF.1 Interactive sneaker

At the entrance gate of the festival venue there was a projection box with a real size sneaker inside with a custom desing mapped onto it. Visitors were given a MIDI controller allowing them to generate new designs of a sneaker.

What could be the future of a fashion design?
Custom made design are getting popular and accessible. Maybe the in future we could have dynamic material which change the appearence every second. Every step a different shoe.

Generative design is result of cooperation between designer and computer. Results generated by computer are unpredictable however they follow set of rules defined by human. User manipulation, sound, time and randomness is input for the algorythm generating new designs. If you like the design you just generated don't get too attached to it because it probably can not be repeated.

Feel free to download the software at (vvvv patches + data) (vvvv)

Concept&software: Andrej Boleslavský
Camera&editing: Klára Jakubová

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