At the end of March'11, me and my friend Gael Simon decided to leave France for an amazing experience in America. We discovered and rode one of the best place in the world; California.
So, first, we landed in San Francisco and stayed 4 days there. We rented an American car, rode and visited the monuments. Best city that we've ever seen, for real. Awesome.
Then we missed our flight to San Diego in the morning; our alarm clock didn't work... So we spent one day waiting for an airplane at the airport.
Arrived at SD on 27th of march, we already known that it was one of the best city for bmx riding, and that's what it is. We met a ton of pro riders who were very welcoming, everyone is kind, cool and welcoming in SD! Gary Young and Conor Lodes showed us some spots... Chad Kerley and Dennis Enarson invited us to ride their backyard. Etc Really good experience. Best city for riding, ever!
And to finish our trip we spent 3 days in LA and had a great time there, the weather was pretty hot and the spots were super fun!

So this is the result of our trip in USA, u won't see a ton of riding in it, because it's really hard to film when u enjoy your trip. But I created this film to give u an overview of what is life.


Flo Saint Simon

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