The original International and Comparative Librarianship Communitas (ICL) website ( is slow and massive. Therefore, I am going to attempt to revamp the site in Drupal 7. This video is the first step in that process as I show you how to install Drupal on BlueHost.

I am going off-the-cuff here in remembering how to do this, so it is not always a polished piece!

Things you will learn:

1) Where to download Drupal (
2) How to set up a MySQL database on BlueHost
3) Create a user for the MySQL database or assign a pre-existing user to your new database.
4) How to access the set-up install page for your new Drupal website
5) Where to input the information about your new database, username, and password.
6) Naming your new site, assigning an administrator's account
7) What the default Drupal 7 home page looks like.

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