** Visit: sparkbottle.net. NEW! Fiber-optic illuminated waterpipe; Entoptic™ from SparkBOTTLE! Now available at sparkbottle.net.

This all-glass and electronic waterpipe combines never-before-seen LED and fiber-optic technologies to create an original smoking accessory that is a beautiful mix of engineering and art. A two-foot masterpiece; HAND-BUILT in California!

it's truly unique and made to last a lifetime. No maintenance is ever required... (Just keep it clean and change the battery when needed).

-=-=-=- NEW!! Design changes: This model NOW features a glass-on-glass slide assembly AND diffusion! (Not shown in video).

Please visit SPARKBOTTLE.NET for ordering and more information. On sale now.

Soon to be featured in a VERY popular TV series and a MAJOR magazine, it's available exclusively from us- NOT sold in shops or stores anywhere.

Copyright© SparkBOTTLE™ 2010-2011. Patent Pending.

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