Song from my album "Balsamico on the Rocks". The song deals with the fascination of science and the mystery of love, inspired by both scientists and lovers.

Written and perfomed by Peter Saueressig. Drums: Jens Weidenheimer. Bass: Andy "Doc" Kraus. Organ: Peter Antony. Backing vocals: Leander Altenberger, Jennx Badal, Bernhard Bentgens, Thomas Städtler, Hannah Valentin. Mixed by Stephan Ullmann.
Filmed at live concerts in Heidelberg and Weinheim.
Musicians on stage: Steff Bollack, Tom Beisel (drums), Andy Doc Kraus (bass), Peter Antony, Bernhard Bentgens (keyb), Jenny Badal, Sabine Krawczyk, Joachim Sum (guitar) & Peter Saueressig (lead voc & guitar).

Scientific images and movies from HITS - Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies: Molecular & Cellular Modeling group, Molecular Biomechanics group, Scientific Databases and Visualization group, Theroretical Astrophysics group. Thanks to Rebecca Wade, Frauke Gräter, Wolfgang Müller, Isabel Rojas, and Volker Springel.
VWF Protein movie by Matthias Schneider, Boston University.

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