When presented with the information that unborn and new-born babies die of natural causes countless times every day, one is forced to consider the implications this has on their beliefs of a ruler of the universe. Since an unborn, or new-born baby is innocent in every way, how can it's untimely death contribute to the supposed planned system? Rationally one is forced to choose one of the following hypothetical situations.

1.) There is no God, supreme being, or morally imposing cosmic system in the universe.
2.)God is not good or just.
3.)God is not all powerful, or does not control nature.

Some points to consider before responding:
Are all lives equal? If so, can ending one life short of practically existing at all, have a beneficial, or more importantly, just impact on another life? wouldn't that be squandering one equal life only to effect another supposed equal life? Whether or not the death of these babies can be considered a punishment or not, is it just? can it have a righteous purpose? Can it's clear opposition to equality be just?

If you can think of another hypothesis that would be consistent with the facts please share.


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