Holiday House (stage version documentation)
date: 07/28/06
location: The Southern Theater, Minnesota, USA
performers: Bryce Beverlin II, Elliott Durko Lynch, Karen Sherman, Kristin Van Loon, Morgan Thorson, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Tim Glenn

Winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2006 Minnesota Sage dance awards!

What if you were on tour so much that other people’s bathrooms and the rituals of packing your bag were more familiar than your own home? Home becomes a holiday house.

On holiday the normal sequence of time unravels. Regular activities, chores and spatial awareness of ordinary places are deconstructed or completely altered. In this space of relaxing (or trying to), perception bends. Reality shifts.

In Holiday House we are playing perception and using the tools of engagement and choreographic generation developed in our outdoor site work to create dance video works. We are reinserting the perceptual modes and kinesthetic intelligence gained from this dance video hybrid back into live dance. Injecting this into the Southern Theater, we are watching where it seeps into the cracks and sticks to the surfaces. Transposing, deconstructing, reconstructing, transforming, combining grossly and subtly different formal geographies and media as they bleed into each other of their own accord. How does an immediate experience, sometimes a more subtle manifestation of internal life and imagination, manifest literally, abstractly or metaphorically to create real time interactions or critique to feed the whole work as it’s happening?

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