TEN WINDOWS ALONG REGENT STREET have been designed and installed by architects, masterminded by Antonia Faust, events and projects manager at the RIBA. They will be there until 29 May 2011.

By far the largest, coolest and arguably the most ambitious installation was by Ian McChesney,
who is known for his large scale sculptural installations. He is giving a new meaning to the “tented structure”. [Barbara Chandler]


His project highlights Levi’s introduction of the “waterless jean” which drastically cuts the amount of water used to process the world’s most popular item of clothing.

McChesney was inspired by the vortex created by a whirlpool, and mimiced its shape with a fabric “former” over which were stretched over 100 pairs of jeans, forming a sequence of elegant V shapes. They were stretched and riveted together, and then the underlying structure taken away. Magically the intriguing cut-away shape remains, taut and upright, to hover just above floor level in the huge front entrance of the Levi Regent Street store.

McChesney says: ‘‘ The project has been hugely enjoyable and given us the chance to work quickly outside of the studio in an alternative way. Using jeans as a building material presented some technical challenges, but we had a lot of fun with it. Levis have been incredibly supportive as partners and the installation reflects their enthusiasm for taking risks and embracing new ideas.”

Conceived, fabricated and installed by millimetre.

The timelapse was made over the 10 day construction period taking a frame every minute with the delay reduced to 15 seconds for points of high activity.

Redit of the whole process is to follow shortly.

White Fog - Chris H Jones. Concrete Plastic.

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