My homework 7/final for avsys class at Parsons. The ideas was to connect force sensors to my fingers to synthesize /visualize my playing the doumbek. This didn't work as the force sensors turned out to be too inaccurate and I ended up tearing a few apart while playing. This is what I was able to scavenge from the conceptual and technical wreckage.

The piece consists of force sensors taped to a table, connected to an Arduino's analog inputs. The Arduino is being controlled by a sketch written in Zajal that sends OSC messages to Super Collider when it detects spikes of force on the sensors. Each sensor generates a different tone, and the magnitude of the force determines how detuned the tone is.

The video is super janky because I had to run Super Collider, Zajal, iShowU HD and Audio Hijack Pro to capture everything at the same time. With out the last two, the piece runs smoothly. Given more time, I would have documented this a bit better.

Source Code:
AVsys Class:

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