Two 5th grade students met with me today during my prep time and their recess to write the story "Just Another Ordinary Day at B.A.". This is one of a few student created books in our "Just Another Ordinary Day" series. Students first brainstormed about their story ideas, then they took a camera to various locations within our school to take photos that would support their story. Using the app, "Story Patch" on our iPad, students combined their photos with characters and accessories within the app. Each student took turns manipulating the graphics and typing text.

These two girls asked to use to assist them in selecting descriptive words to use in their story.

We would like viewers to know that the kind of behavior Freddy exhibits in this story does not take place in our school, and that the setting for this B.A. school takes place on an unidentified planet somewhere in space, far far away.

This lesson teaches 21st century skills, as students must combine art, technology, and literacy skills while creating and writing.

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